Cheap shipping to Cuba

In DimeCuba we present you one of the best options to send equipment to Cuba and much more with the ideal conditions for you. Our company is specialized in connecting loved ones to and from Cuba, facilitating all kinds of communication services with very good rates and now we offer another method so that you feel that you can help a little more, from here to yours.

From our office and in a few minutes you can make your shipments: the most comfortable, efficient and safest method. Also, with the total assurance that your family member will receive their gifts in Cuba, as if you had taken them. Visit us and see how easy it is for you.

Cheap shipping to Cuba


We have established a system that allows us to meet the expectations of our users when making shipments to Cuba . Where you can make any shipment where and when you want, taking advantage of some offers we have.

Our total expertise and experience in this area allows us to offer you the most attractive offers so that it is easier and cheaper to send to any person on the island.

We have several offices in which our excellent customer service is supported, in order to continue to prevent the user experience that characterizes us.

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